Cancellation Policy

Please note that Angel Wisdom requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice prior to session start time of cancellations or need of rescheduling. Failure to provide the requested notification will result in the full fee for the session being charged; no reimbursements will be provided. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Other Sessions:

To find out more about scheduling the following services, please contact

Past Life Regression Sessions

Past life regressions are instrumental tools in healing. Our past incarnations hold soul memories. Regression can assist in healing and growth of the mind, body, and soul. Releasing any memories or experiences affecting you today. During the sessions, you are comfortably seated or lying down with Angelic Guidance you are guided into a deeply relaxed state where you are able to travel safely into a hall of lifetimes. It is there, you go through the lifetime with gentle reflections and release anything that occurred then that still holds you back in this lifetime. This is a safe and gentle experience for healing. 

1.5 hours for $210

Spiritual Development Coaching Program

4 sessions – First meeting one hour followed by 3- weekly half hour sessions

Life is meant to be lived, not saved. This Intuitive Program was designed to partner with you to help assist and guide  you through any life transitions or changes. If you’re tired of feeling stuck; feel you really want a different way but don’t know how to start; or feel stagnant in your current path, then this is for you. The angels are our divine partners and want you to live the best version of you. We all can use a little more support at times to give us encouragement, accountability, and guidance as we shift out the old programs that no longer serve us and allow happiness and confidence in moving forward.


Group Gatherings Gallery Style

Two hour gathering
Invite up to 8 guests and come to my office for a unique and personalized intuitive session.
Gathered together in a group, I will individually read each guest, passing forward their messages from the angels and your passed loved ones.

Intuitive Development Mentorship Program

4 1-hour courses in person or Zoom classroom
We all are born with the gift of intuition but sometimes these gifts go unnoticed because they feel so natural to us. I created the spiritual intuitive mentorship program to help guide and partner with you in the beginning stages of your development. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers during my journey. It has taken me years to learn and grow my spiritual muscles and am guided to teach and help others in their quest for enlightenment. During this 4 hour course you will:
*Customize your unique intuitive blueprint
*Learn about angels and how to incorporate these divine helpers into your life
*Meet your spirit guides and guardian angels
*Come to know your chakras and the importance of keeping them balanced
*Be trained how to read and interpret angel oracle cards
*Understand the importance of setting protections and grounding
*Study the powerful gift of manifestation and the power of your thoughts
*Develop self-love
*Build confidence and trust in what you receive
*Receive help to release old patterns of beliefs barring you from living your highest good
*Practice exercises to build intuition
Individual course broken up into 4 one-hour sessions bi-weekly or 2, two-hour sessions.