Spiritual Academy

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Upon registering you will be sent a Zoom ID to enter into the class.

We each have a team of angels who support and love us unconditionally and are waiting to be invited into our lives.
Free-will, free choice separates us from the divine. We have a choice to allow assistance in or to navigate freely on our own. The angels hold the knowledge of our life prints and want nothing more than to assist us through each step.

If you desire confidence, unconditional love, protection and support than you need to meet and partner with your angels.

What you will learn:

● Who are your guardian angels?
● All the ways to receive messages/guidance
● Shielding and protection
● Deep breathing and meditation
● Sensing angelic energy
● How to use angel cards
● How to ask questions and receive the answers
Meeting and partnering with my angels has been the most rewarding and blessed thing I have ever done!

Dates Coming Soon

Do you have a desire to make a change? Do you feel that there is something blocking you or do you feel paralyzed by fear?

I designed this class to free and release the conscious or unconscious patterns and programs you are holding onto. These techniques help my clients in private practice each day to step out of fear and into motion! Each step is a success.

We don’t find answers asking why questions, but when we recognize the symptoms of discomfort, we can release the source of the blockage. The mind can create great confusion and overthinking the “why” becomes another spiral of confusion.