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April 2019

January 2019

Angelic Health – Compassion Fatigue


On January 18th, Colleen had the honor of partnering with Janet Gibson, APN, to speak to a group of Hospice nurses with Angelic Health about compassion fatigue. The two discussed what causes compassion fatigue and ways caregivers can take care of themselves without impacting quality care to patients and their families.

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November 2018

Kickstarter for Colleen’s book has launched!


One hand may feel weak when holding on alone, many hands joining together creates unity in strength and support. I am asking for your hand, your support to aid in the funding of my new book “The Other Side of Addiction,” a medium’s view of life after addiction from the other side. Any donation is welcome and appreciated. This epidemic is rapidly growing, leaving no one immune. Many families are left behind only to try and make sense of it all. I cannot change where they have been, but I can share the messages and healing guidance from the messages from [...]

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September 2018

Life’s Closet


If life’s closet was available for you to walk through, it might be easier to recognize where you need to clean out, to make space for the new. Depending on your perspective, it might be a trip down memory lane or a walk through a haunted house for you. Whether you find items that brought you joy or some hidden in the back of the closet that brings shame or painful memories, you can clear it out The overflow in our emotional closet has presented itself wildly in the summer of 2018, the full moons, gateways, solar and lunar eclipse churned [...]

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Desperately Seeking Stillness


How do you still the mind that is seeking guidance? I am asked this question each day. In reading books I heard for years be still, quiet the mind and all the answers will come. It's easy to quiet the mind and get the answers, or so I thought. FALSE.  Instead this brought me into a state of frustration. I was in the process of trying to love myself and be ”enlightened” when all I was adding a new topic to my list of self-persecution. My mind was a racehorse, and my chest pounded with anxiety every day. I felt discouraged [...]

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Are You Praying Correctly?


I had to learn how to pray; pray without attachment, in a state of trust, in a state of surrender. I was raised Catholic so I knew how to “pray” but not with intention, rather one of pleasing or demanding gently how I wanted things to fall into place. I prayed in a place of fear and obedience, rather than comfort. I knew all of the rules: kneel, ritual of words, head bowed, talk to God, double and triple check using the right words, don't be too demanding or direct, always ask to be changed to accommodate the solution, etc. So then, how do [...]

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June 2018

The Power of Gratitude


The power of gratitude Life is filled with inspirational information and tools to navigate the journey. The beauty is we are all sharing the same opportunities, but it is the internal vision and personal vibration that we carry that can bring us to our peaceful place in life. Gratitude now is a familiar term to many of us. Stating that finding gratitude in what you are currently experiencing as it is a blessing. This can appear to be a struggle when the in your face fear of situations that you don't like or want. It's easy to sway in an [...]

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May 2018

If Your Life Was A Brand


If your life was a brand or a product, how does your current life represent the brand? This intriguing question was asked of me this morning by the angels. I wasn’t sure what they were asking of me at first ,but when I sat with this question, the magnitude of it became clear. The conversation was eye-opening, and the angels encouraged me to share the messages Me: What do you mean Brand? Angels: Your life brand, how are you representing yourself in your life? Does it align with your heart? Do you commit to the practices that support this brand? [...]

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