How well do you know your Angel Wisdom Terminology?

affirmation: a state that supports your positive direction for change or comfort

angels: Greek meaning: “messengers of God”; they are our beautiful soul partners, assisting us on our journey while we are here. They are light beings. They are not connected to religion or Denomination, race or Creed. Angels only see us as love and for who we truly are: limitless powerful beings

archangels :  these angels are often seen as the managers or overseers of the angelic kingdom

chakras: chakras are your energetic centers that fuel the emotional and physical response to the outer/inner world. When these energy points are aligned we are free of the blockages that show up in our life.

ego: the lower ego is the voice of the naysayer within

enlightenment: a state of understanding the purpose and need for individualism

intuition: trusting and knowing what is right for you despite what society may say

Lightworker: A person who is of the light, working to better themselves as well as the environments around them. Working in service for a higher good in humanity.

mala: a mala is a strand of beads traditionally used for counting during meditations. 

(The word mala comes from the sanskrit word  “garland”. The mala beads are used for meditation or intention setting. They allow us to focus the mind on one single task as we move through a practice of meditation or learning how to quiet the mind. Malas have been used for many  centuries,dating back to India. Many have seen Buddhist monks and other cultures.)

Peace Warrior: Being a Peace Warrior is to hold sacred the peace that you hold power over within you! Our light is our essence – our unique gift to the world. So many are afraid of who they were born to be and instead dim their light to blend in. We are not made to conform, but rather to coexist co create life in our own divine essence. If each of us stood in our own unique light, we would support one another in creating a unified world , not a world breaking each other apart. Your light may be dim, but never extinguished.

shielding and protection: The protection of Archangel Michael or another divine being to surround you with energetic light   protection so that you may be observant not absorbent of energies in your environment .

wingspan: wingspan is believing in your divine potential to co-create the life you choose…Trusting you are capable of soaring steadily and adaptable to life growth experience