If life’s closet was available for you to walk through, it might be easier to recognize where you need to clean out, to make space for the new. Depending on your perspective, it might be a trip down memory lane or a walk through a haunted house for you. Whether you find items that brought you joy or some hidden in the back of the closet that brings shame or painful memories, you can clear it out

The overflow in our emotional closet has presented itself wildly in the summer of 2018, the full moons, gateways, solar and lunar eclipse churned things up. The September new moon on 9/9/18 is offering us the opportunity in the next few weeks to clean up and organize. The number 9 holds the vibration of endings and making space to rebirth. This number amplified is a gentle push to get started!


How do we clear it out? A few suggestions to assist in the clean up to GOODWILL the things that don’t fit anymore.


  1. Own it, don’t judge it. Often things are showing up in patterns, if a pattern appears it’s something that needs your attention to work on.
  2. Break it down. If your constantly worried about money or love for example, then your feeling the symptoms of a pattern. Breaking it down means giving love and attention to the parts of you repeating this pattern. Own your behaviors with honesty. When we take ownership it’s not hiding anymore, it’s empowerment.
  3. Be gentle with your finding of your self-investigation. Write down the opposite of your situation and then ask Archangel Michael to dissolve the cords to the fear and worry.
  4. Be patient and loving to yourself.


These tools can assist you in the everyday emotional clearing, sending you waves of love and angels.