How do you still the mind that is seeking guidance? I am asked this question each day. In reading books I heard for years be still, quiet the mind and all the answers will come. It’s easy to quiet the mind and get the answers, or so I thought.

FALSE.  Instead this brought me into a state of frustration. I was in the process of trying to love myself and be ”enlightened” when all I was adding a new topic to my list of self-persecution. My mind was a racehorse, and my chest pounded with anxiety every day. I felt discouraged but my desire to become enlightened was not going to be shut down that quickly. (To add to this I should note I am a Taurus, and the bull is my sign, stubbornness ran through my veins.)

I decided I would find a way to my enlightenment on my “own”… including the angelic team I feverishly called on every waking moment. I had to use what tools I knew I was good at such as breathing. I was fairly sure I could breathe. I thought “I never criticize my breathing, so let’s try that.”

As I took my first deep breath, I felt silly. Then the next I felt good. My next deep breath was oddly different; I felt calming heaviness in my body. As I continued this practice of steady purposeful breathing I started feeling like my mind was not beating me up.  I felt, dare I say, enlightened in that peaceful heaviness. I asked the angels if this was meditation, if it was stillness and I felt the response of “yes” in my heart.

I faithfully kept this process alive each day. Each day is asking more questions and in my heart knowing the answer. In those moments of calming heaviness I am able to be open to the messages to my questions.

As you read you may have noticed the answers were not in my mind; they came from listening to my heart. The answers were found in the silent powerful voice within that always tells us what we need to know. Answers are found in the stillness. They come from the heart of the soul and NOT the racehorse, monkey-like brain. Answers come from feeling, NOT thinking. Guidance could only be found once I opened up the space to allow the guides in to do their part!

Enlightenment is not about the outside world but rather it’s about shedding light on the truths within us. If there is confusion in the matter you’re seeking guidance about it’s not your intuition guiding you.

When you seek guidance be still and create; let yourself hear what your heart is saying. Practice and have trust in yourself. Start small and earn back your own trust if that’s what you need to do. I had to earn my own trust back by accepting that I was trying to force answers and in the process I missed seeing the pieces that created the beautiful picture. I was focused on the tree for guidance when I needed to be focusing on the forest.

True guidance comes in patience. True guidance comes in stillness.