I had to learn how to pray; pray without attachment, in a state of trust, in a state of surrender. I was raised Catholic so I knew how to “pray” but not with intention, rather one of pleasing or demanding gently how I wanted things to fall into place. I prayed in a place of fear and obedience, rather than comfort. I knew all of the rules: kneel, ritual of words, head bowed, talk to God, double and triple check using the right words, don’t be too demanding or direct, always ask to be changed to accommodate the solution, etc.

So then, how do you learn to pray?

First, take the attachment to religion away from the word and connect to the vibration of what you are saying or asking.  The vibration is the level at which you are saying or asking: fear based (“don’t let that happen because it would hurt too much”) or of expectancy (“thank you for healing the situation”) and millions of other vibrations!

Take the rules of praying out of it and listen to what your speaking. Are you speaking from a place of your soul’s truth or of the expectations of others?

Take the speaking out of it and listen to what your soul is saying. Is your soul at ease with what is being stated to the universe? Do you feel comfort with what you are praying for?

The prayers go up and the answers come through listening WITHIN, trusting within and feeling the faith. We are not separate from the source/universe we are created from the same vibration energy as the universe.

Take ownership in what you are asking for and trust in the best outcome, even if the outcome is not what you expected. Rather than using blame when things don’t turn out the way you “planned” them to, have faith that the BEST outcome HAS come to pass. Faith is a belief in the constant support of the Divine. This Divine source works each day delivering miracles without you necessarily knowing how fortunate you are since so many of us have become desensitized to the everyday blessings and pray what we feel we need even though we already have exactly what we pray for.

Pray for yourself and ask for all that you desire: ask for courage, strength, understanding, clarity, peace and abundance… just ask and be patient knowing that your worries of yesterday are gone. God is in control of tomorrow but still shows up for today. You are loved and capable of MIRACULOUS deeds with each breath! The angels are the messengers of the prayers sent up and the partners that are with you to go through any obstacles and victories each day.

Pray your strong prayers from a place of your soul’s truth, the truth that is connected to the universe/God. Prayer does not have a rule book and their is no special method to make miracles happen. The miracles are already happening every moment of every day of your life. Giving God a wink is prayer. Saying a statement of gratitude before a meal is prayer. Brushing your teeth (taking care of this human form you’ve been gifted) is prayer. Trust that if you are praying it for your greatest good, that the greatest good WILL happen even if it doesn’t turn out how YOU expected.

Love and light.