The power of gratitude

Life is filled with inspirational information and tools to navigate the journey. The beauty is we are all sharing the same opportunities, but it is the internal vision and personal vibration that we carry that can bring us to our peaceful place in life. Gratitude now is a familiar term to many of us. Stating that finding gratitude in what you are currently experiencing as it is a blessing. This can appear to be a struggle when the in your face fear of situations that you don’t like or want. It’s easy to sway in an out of the energy of gratitude; it can happen so effortlessly that you must not judge yourself on it but acknowledge it to shift it.

I was driving and I found myself deep in thought(deep in ego). I was thinking about all the changes that are happening, I was feeling really good. In a split second a tsunami of fear swept me into deep into a place of fear about supporting my children and myself. My mind hijacked my peace and went into catastrophic scenarios. My stomach started hurting my head was spinning. I acknowledged that this was an area in my life where deep roots of fear still existed and I would focus on this pattern to release it. When I regained my attention I realized I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in an unfamiliar area, I looked around and was surrounded run down buildings and The area felt lifeless and hopelessness filled the eyes of the people that I passed. I started sending love to the people and asked the angels watch over and raise them up. I found my way back to my route and said thank you for the experience that just occurred.

Why thank you? I said thank you because my mind took me internally to the physical place I had just been in, feeling fear instead of gratitude and faith . We always have something to be grateful for…always. Look around and see the inspiration that is in front of you. Set the seeds of gratitude and water it with the expectancy of its growth!

Sending you waves of love and angels!


Colleen 🦋