If your life was a brand or a product, how does your current life represent the brand? This intriguing question was asked of me this morning by the angels. I wasn’t sure what they were asking of me at first ,but when I sat with this question, the magnitude of it became clear.

The conversation was eye-opening, and the angels encouraged me to share the messages

Me: What do you mean Brand?

Angels: Your life brand, how are you representing yourself in your life? Does it align with your heart? Do you commit to the practices that support this brand? Do you you hold on to reactions and beliefs that don’t support your brand?


As I sat with my answer it became clear that I wasn’t seated in the CEO seat in certain areas of my life. I reflected on many situations where I still was holding on to ineffective coping skills and beliefs to handle situations. I sat with the reality of these old systems that were symptomatic in my life and causing fear, stress, and frustration. I became a curious child who wanted to know more. I thought of how as a society we are very critical when companies don’t stand behind their brand and lack integrity, how judgemental we are to things and situations that we feel have to lead us on or proven to be not trustworthy.

Angels: Yes, this is how we often see many of you . Struggling to sit in the CEO seat of your life.We watch many of you feel deeply in your hearts that you crave change but are fearful to change. If you invested all of your money into a company that ran on these practices, you would be bankrupt. You would quickly make changes so that you would not lose everything. You see when you are spiritually bankrupt and that is a lack of faith and trust in yourself, you are slowly losing everything.

Everyday is an investment in your life brand . Take the time to investigate and invest where you can apply small Practices of faith and trust. Trust that we, your loving angels, your loved ones, and the universe have your back.

Me: Wow, thank you for this magical lesson in Creating a life brand.

I am sending you love and strength as you find your CEO seat in your life! Love and light,